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In the headlong rush to develop crypto the meaning behind Bitcoin has largely been an afterthought.

A Bitcoin glyph must live alongside the Yen, the Euro, Pound Sterling and the dollar with its own unique identity.

Before the Unicode Consortium assign the current Bitcoin glyph to us forever, perhaps we should consider its meaning.

The current double-stroke is either (a) Spanish in origin (symbolic representation of Pillars of Hercules), or (b) a combination of "U" and "S". Both are nation-specific and run counter to the ideas of Bitcoin/crypto.

Using the Thai baht "฿" creates confusion and leaves Bitcoin undifferentiated.

A single stroke "฿" has primary visual equivalency to the US dollar mark (among others)––imperfect for a universal currency.

"Ƀ" has been proposed as a substitute, but has no wider meaning.

In sum, a new currency needs a new glyph, not one borrowed from history.





Propose combining "B" with the triple bar "≡" meaning "logical equivalence." Also "congruence"–– agreement or harmony; compatibility.




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