Talent You Should Know: Saul Leiter




I was recently introduced to the stunning street photography of Saul Leiter (talent I should have known!) His work captures a bygone erea of New York with a abstraction that looks fresh even today; truly, he paints with a lens.

And as many images as I've posted here, you're just left wanting to see more...










Saul Lieter_man












Talent You Should Know: Tim Knowles



Can't say that artist Tim Kowles created this series of drawings produced by attaching drawing implements to the tips of tree branches, because really, the trees did. But it was an inspired idea.



"The wind’s effects on the tree, recorded on paper like signatures, each drawing reveals the different qualities and characteristics of each tree."














Netflix This : Waste Land



Artist Vik Muniz joins creative forces with Brazil's catadores––garbage pickers who mine treasure from the world's largest landfill, Rio's enormous Jardim Gramacho.

With touching empathy, Muniz then creates portraits of them from the very trash they collect for him (see above.)

In this oak-leaf-clustered documentary the catadores reveal themselves to be unique and surprising individuals in their own right, waxing philosophical as they impart valuable lessons about what society discards.

I might rattle on here about discovery of self and the dignity of labor, but I shall resist.

Movie blurb: 'What happens in the world's lagest trash city will transform you.'

Yeah, it will. Have I lied to you before?