Bitcoin Glyph Redesign




In the headlong rush to develop crypto the meaning behind Bitcoin has largely been an afterthought.

A Bitcoin glyph must live alongside the Yen, the Euro, Pound Sterling and the dollar with its own unique identity.

Before the Unicode Consortium assign the current Bitcoin glyph to us forever, perhaps we should consider its meaning.

The current double-stroke is either (a) Spanish in origin (symbolic representation of Pillars of Hercules), or (b) a combination of "U" and "S". Both are nation-specific and run counter to the ideas of Bitcoin/crypto.

Using the Thai baht "฿" creates confusion and leaves Bitcoin undifferentiated.

A single stroke "฿" has primary visual equivalency to the US dollar mark (among others)––imperfect for a universal currency.

"Ƀ" has been proposed as a substitute, but has no wider meaning.

In sum, a new currency needs a new glyph, not one borrowed from history.





Propose combining "B" with the triple bar "≡" meaning "logical equivalence." Also "congruence"–– agreement or harmony; compatibility.


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Chattanooga Gets A Font






Funded by a Kickstarter project, font designers Jeremy Dooley and Robbie de Villiers and graphic designer DJ Trischler created 'Chatype' for the city of Chattanooga.

Their goal is to reflect the character of Chattanooga and get folks excited about the city while celebrating “ingenuity and innovation.”

Branding a city with a specified font is akin to creating a flag they say, just this one will get seen a lot more.











Tissot 3D Augmented Reality


Busted your augmented reality cherry yet?

It's really pretty simple. Click here for the Tissot watch demo:


Select your PC or Mac.

Click on 'Men's' or 'Women's' watches.

  Print out the PDF.

  Cut out the watch (you remember, like in kindergaarten.)

Tape it on your wrist.

Download the file.

Turn on your webcam and start the software.

Hold your wrist in front of the webcam. Your 3D watch will appear. Cool huh?














iPad 1 Was Panned

Picture 7

“Nothing more than a luxury bauble that will appeal to a few gadget freaks” - Bloomberg.

Picture 8
“Consumers seem genuinely baffled by why they might need it” - Businessweek.

Picture 4

“Insanely great it is not” - Marketwatch.

Picture 5
“My god, am I underwhelmed” - Gizmodo.

All this they said about iPad 1, the fastest-selling gadget in the history of electronics.

Say hello to iPad 2.

Yup, never trust an expert.



















Emotional Purchase : OP Cruiser


I'm not a huge fan of Walmart (the Walton family's net worth being equal to that of the bottom 100 million Americans...combined), but I know why they're in business.

I just bought this sweet Ocean Pacific Cruiser for $99.  

Ninety-nine dollars.

And the shipping?


Heck, the lock and chain cost more than the bike!

As my friend George likes to say, that's ricdiculous.





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