Talent You Should Know: Saul Leiter




I was recently introduced to the stunning street photography of Saul Leiter (talent I should have known!) His work captures a bygone erea of New York with a abstraction that looks fresh even today; truly, he paints with a lens.

And as many images as I've posted here, you're just left wanting to see more...










Saul Lieter_man












Peg O' The Day: The Matterhorn


Nenad Saljic, Croatia,


Stunning image captured by Croatian photographer Nenad Saljic who says of it, "I've been around Zermatt countless times, the village nestled at the foot of the Matterhorn, looking toward the mountains and trying to capture the exquisiteness of this magical peak and its endless state of change, to compress the passing of time."

Won him a spot in the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards



Doubtless influenced by the master, Ansel Adams.